Jack's 2013 album Charity, featuring Jack on tenor sax and pianist Sean Gough, is a collection of Christian hymns performed in a jazz setting. All proceeds from this album (past, present, and future) are donated to three charities:

  • Oxfam (, dedicated to ridding the world of the injustice of poverty.
  • ASPCA (, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • The OSIP Foundation ( Founded by Jack Furlong, OSIP (Outstanding Sportsmanship Is Paramount) provides financial aid and assistance to those affected by acts of aggression due to poor sportsmanship and/or fanship while raising awareness of the need for better sportsmanship in all capacities throughout sports.

OSIP was inspired by the unfortunate stories of those who were physically attacked over petty subject matter, such as one's allegiance to a particular sports team. Just because somebody roots for a different team doesn't justify violence against that person in any way. Furthermore, the treatment of members of an opposing team is equally as vital: a player on a rival team does not deserve to be berated by the opposing fans, whether during the course of the sport or in daily life.

On a local level, youth sports are falling into a similar trap. Parents and coaches frequently treat youth sports like life and death, trying to win at all costs and throwing tantrums when something doesn't go their way. Kids are no longer having fun and are being driven away from these sports; or, conversely, the kids are being programmed into this false reality by those adults, therefore putting too much pressure on themselves or becoming cutthroat individuals. One of the missions of OSIP is to set an example for fans, parents, coaches, and players alike: sports, no matter what level or how competitive, are supposed to be fun; there is no room for selfish, inappropriate behavior.

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